TRANSIT – Training Network Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable food production has become a worldwide priority. TRANSIT is a European Training Network (project nr 955431) that joins forces of 6 academic and 7 non-academic organisations, from 8 European Countries, in a consortium that will provide high level interdisciplinary training to 10 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) within the highly-ambitious training and research programme Training Network Sustainable Technologies. TRANSIT will train young scientists who will be capable of creating a transformational change to drive utility of sustainable food technologies through an interdisciplinary action. TRANSIT is a research and training programme aiming at integrating microbiology, food processing technology, cost benefit analyses, quantitative microbiology, and consumer sciences.


Our partners

Sustainable technologies (pulsed electric field, ultrasound, non-thermal plasma and high hydrostatic pressure) provide clean-label, nutritious food products and solutions to antimicrobial resistance. Nevertheless, the application of these technologies is currently limited in the food industry. TRANSIT will identify the main microbial molecular targets in food associated pathogens and spoilage organisms and will design effective antimicrobial impact strategies for the sustainable technologies. In concert with TRANSIT’s non-academic partners, the product range for application will be extended taking into account consumer acceptance, and upscaling of the equipment will be realised to accelerate market uptake of sustainably produced foods.