PROTECT/TRANSIT Symposium: Food Sustainability & Safety in a Changing Climate – 10 November 2022, Dublin, Ireland

Innovative Training Networks PROTECT ( and TRANSIT hosted a joint symposium on the 10th of November at the University College Dublin, in Dublin, Ireland.

While TRANSIT is focused on the experimentation and implementation of new sustainable technologies (i.e., US, NTP, HHP and PEF) to improve our global food safety, PROTECT works on the predictive modelling aspects of microbiological changes due to climate change in association with food safety.

During this workshop ESR researchers from both consortia presented their research during the following sessions:
1) Food Technologies & Quantitative Risk Assesment
2) Modelling the Dynamics of Microbial Change & Technology Optimisation
3) Food Chain Sustainability & Tools for Decontamination Efficiency
4) Decision Support Systems (DSS) & Consumer Perception

Furthermore, we had two guest speakers: Moez Sanaa from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Kemal Aganovic from DIL, the German Institute of Food Technologies.

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All consortium member of PROTECT & TRANSIT during the joint symposium on 10 November at the UCD in Dublin, Ireland.
Consortium members of TRANSIT at the UCD in Dublin, Ireland