Science in the City Goes to School

The early-stage researchers Esther Okafor (ESR3) and Fotios Lytras (ESR2) participated in the event: Science in the City Goes to School, held at the Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph School in Paola, Malta. The aim was to engage students with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and empower them to cultivate their passion for the different subjects. 

One of the events hosted by the school: ‘’Tabu MT’’ involved 6 researchers from the University of Malta that had to answer questions from the 10-13 year old students so they could guess which field of science each scientist worked in. However, to make the game more engaging, there was a list of words that were listed as so-called ‘taboo’ and could not be used by neither the students nor the researchers. The research areas ranged from engineering, energy, speech pathology, microbiology, food, science and technology.

The activity was followed by four exciting hands-on experiments from the different research areas. One of the experiments involved a 10-minute sensory game for the students by giving them 5 different aromas that are used in industry including lemon, mint, ginger, vanilla and a mix of all of them. The students would try to identify the different aromas while in parallel the scientists talked about the sensory science, the five human senses we have and their importance in the food industry.

ESRs Fotios Lytras and Esther Okafor enganging with students from the Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph School about sensory science