TRANSIT Summer School: 11-13 May 2022, Malta


HourMay 11, 2022SpeakersAffiliation
9.00What is Tech Transfer: the concept and context of academic technology transferAndrás Havasi University of Malta
10.00Managing Intellectual Property: forms of IP, university policies, protection and management strategiesAndrás Havasi , Marie Mifsud University of Malta
11.00Coffee breakUniversity of Malta
11.15Knowledge Valorisation: collaboration, licensing and spin-outs (the various ways of exploiting research results)András Havasi , Marie Mifsud University of Malta
11.45Tools for your Research: Agreements and Disclosures (the administrative and legal side of technology transfer)Nicola CamilleriUniversity of Malta
14.30Case study: De Novo CellMarie MifsudUniversity of Malta
15.00Case study: MaltaHipMichelle CortisUniversity of Malta
15.30Q&AAndrás Havasi , Marie Mifsud 
15.45Coffee break
16.00-17.00Group work: how to sell your researchAndrás Havasi , Marie Mifsud 
HourMay 12, 2022SpeakersAffiliation
9.00Patent application, monitoring, analysis of threats and argumentationRui Queiros, Rebeca CorrajeloHIPERBARIC
10.00Student discussions and preparation of presentations
11.00Coffee break
11.15HPP Product Development: from the first steps to process validation and commercializationMario GonzálezHIPERBARIC
11.45Implementation of HPP technology at industrial scale: success and not-so-success storiesMario GonzálezHIPERBARIC
14.30Success story of PEF in chips industryKevin HillELEA
15.30Opportunities and hurdles of using PEF in Juice industryClaudia SiemerELEA
16.15Coffee break
16.30-17.30Business Development and StrategyPeter Stellbrink, Bernhard HukelmannHS Tumbler
HourMay 13, 2022SpeakersAffiliation
9.00Business plan for in-bulk HPP technologyCarole Tonello & Rebeca RuizHIPERBARIC
9.30Market Research Alexander MärdianDIL
10.00EnterpreunershipAlexander MärdianDIL
11.00Coffee break
11.15Case studies of real companiesMario GonzálezHIPERBARIC
11.45Value proposition and business model canvasPrateek MahalwarBioweg
14.30Students presentation on plasma technology business strategies
14.50Students presentation on HHP  business strategies
15.10Students presentation on PEF  business strategies
15.30Students presentation on ultrasound  business strategies
15.50Coffee break
16.20-17.00Conclusions – comments